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fintanchel [userpic]
Summer Heat

Title: Summer Heat.
Pairing: Cory/Lea.
Rating: R.
Word Count: 3,000+
Summary: "Wait... you want to have sex on my Teen Choice Award?!"
Author's Notes: Another horrible attempt at Monchele sexytimes and smut. Enjoy, or not. 0:) Dedicated to Emma, my lovely. <3

Congrats, babe, I heard you won the TCA! Wish I could be there. :)

It was only a simple text, but Lea had been staring at it for the entire night. She was incredibly excited to be at the Teen Choice Awards, and to even be nominated in the first place. Her fans were the most incredible people in the whole world. The fact that she had won was a huge bonus. The power of Glee fans was overwhelming to her once again. Their cast had basically stolen the show – with Kevin hosting and Chris and the show itself also winning awards. She always felt so honoured when the show was up for so many awards. Everyone worked so hard, and they deserved to be recognised for everything they had done.

It just wasn’t the same without Cory there.

Thank you!:) I wish you were here too. I miss you.

She felt empty without his arm around her waist when photos were being taken, his thumb circling her hip slowly, or her hand in his as they tried dodging the cameras. Of course she had Darren, Kevin, Chord and Chris with her, but none of them were Cory. She had been thinking about him constantly ever since he left. She knew he was shooting his new movie, and of course she was happy for him, but she was admittedly selfish in which she wanted him with her at all times.

Paparazzi caught them together on pretty much every single outing these days, and reporters called her ‘clingy’, but they didn’t know her and Cory. They didn’t know just how perfect Lea thought they were for each other. And so what if she was clingy? She had an incredible boyfriend on her arm, why wouldn’t she be proud of that?

Suddenly, her phone buzzed in her hand. She wasn’t expecting another text from him since she was sure he would be trying to rest after a long day of shooting and planning.

I miss you too. I’ll make it up to you though I promise ;)

Lea bit her lip. He was so dirty sometimes, and she would be lying if she said she didn’t enjoy his constant teasing in that way. She looked around in her seat, the awards were almost over, and everyone was immersed in the musical performance that was going on onstage. She quickly typed her reply before anyone saw her beginning to squirm in her seat.

Oh really? Care to explain?

Okay, she had to admit she loved texting with Cory. Dirty or not. Obviously she preferred actually being with him, and even though the sorts of texts they sent to each other made her miss him even more, it was always amazing once they were finally reunited.

You’ll just have to wait and see, won’t you? ;) I’ll be home early tomorrow.

Lea bit her lip again, shifting in her seat to try and get rid of some of the discomfort. The only bad thing about texting Cory was when it was in public… and when he always knew the right words to say to just make Lea… uncomfortable. Damn him and his magic way with words and that magic crooked smile that was just amazing enough to make her want to swoon.

Fine. But you owe me. :) I love you. She would never get tired of telling him that.

His reply came almost instantly. I love you too.

Lea couldn’t help but smile brightly to herself. No matter how dirty or inappropriate their texts became, he always told her he loved her when they were finished texting each other. Sometimes she just couldn’t understand him or the feelings she had for him. She didn’t understand how one man could be so wonderful to her. He always knew just what to say to make her feel good about herself. She was in a constant daze whenever she was with him where she couldn’t stop smiling, which had been picked up by the paparazzi too, and she frequently wondered how in the world she got so lucky.


“Cory!” Lea yelled excitedly when she saw a cab pull up in front of her house and a tall figure step out of the car. She ran to him, jumping up and wrapping her arms around his neck tightly. “I missed you! How was your flight?”

Cory chuckled, circling his arms around her waist and pressing her body to his. “It was okay. I’m happy to be back though. I missed you too." He pressed a gentle kiss to her neck before she pulled back and took his face in her hands.

"I hated that you couldn't be my date yesterday." Lea frowned, her arms still wrapped around his neck and her body still pressed closely against her boyfriend's. “None of those award shows are the same without you.”

"I'm sorry. But I told you I'd make it up to you, didn't I?" He pulled back slightly, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively which only made Lea giggle. He was so goofy but she couldn't imagine him any other way. He wasn't her Cory without every single one of his personality traits.

She held on to his arms tighter. "You did promise that." She bit her lip. "Maybe we should go inside... I don't think we should really... cause a scene out here." She giggled again, slipping her hand into his - noting how much she really did miss it - and led him into the house.

She could feel how close he was behind her and she shivered, even just his presence was making her heart race. Once they walked into her living room, she watched Cory raise his eyebrow as he looked over at the couch.

"That's where you put your TCA?" He asked with a chuckle, an amused expression on his face. "I thought you'd have a better spot planned for it."

"It's a surfboard, Cory, it won't just sit nicely next to my People's Choice Award," she teased, poking her tongue out at him playfully. "I'll find a place for it now, if you want. I was just tired last night."

It was a struggle getting her Teen Choice Award into the car and she could only imagine how strange she looked carrying a surfboard into her house while she was wearing a designer dress and heels. She spent the rest of her night catching up on television shows and eating ice cream with Sheila. She hadn't quite figured out where to put it yet, and it fit perfectly on the couch for the moment, so, why not?

Cory shrugged. He didn't live there officially or anything yet, but it was almost like he did, and Lea was pretty close to asking him to move in anyway, so his opinion always mattered. He seemed to be indifferent about the fact that there was a surfboard on the couch though, and he stepped back over to Rachel and pulled her into his arms again.

"So I think I remember promising you something...?" He asked with a smirk, his hands running up and down her sides. His side smirk killed her every single time. There was no way she could ever win when he used that smirk. She completely melted every time.

"Yes, you did..." She bit her lip again, looking up at him through her thick eyelashes. "Do I get to know what it is now or are you going to leave me in suspense for longer."

"Well, you know it wouldn't be fun if I just told you what I was going to do, wouldn't it?" He told her with another small shrug. His hand slipped up her arm to her shoulder, and with one finger, he began slipping her thin cardigan off her shoulder. Getting the hint, Lea reached up to drag down the cardigan from her other arm, her eyes not leaving his for a minute.

"D-Do you want to go to the bedroom...?" She always stuttered when he got her vulnerable like this. Always.

"No." His answer was short.

"Oh. Why not?" Her reply was less accusatory and more curious. She was wondering what on earth he was up to.

"Just trust me," he said with a low breath that made her visibly shiver, reaching down to the bottom of her tank top and she let him swiftly pull it over her head. He began backing her up towards the couch, but Lea was too wrapped up in him to realise what was going on. She was just glad she closed all the windows and blinds in her house – she didn’t want anyone hearing her.

She pressed her body further against his, her breasts pushed firmly against his chest. “I missed you, Cory.” She breathed out, her eyes only showing her lust. Lea was the first to admit she was the flirty and bubbly type, but only certain people ever got to see her naughtier side.

“I missed you.” He replied with a quiet moan as he watched her slowly reach behind her back and unclip her bra, letting it fall to the floor without her eyes leaving his once. She reached up to caress his cheek, leaning up on her toes to kiss him softly while her hands worked at his belt buckle. She was ready to just go along with whatever he had planned, she just wanted him. Being in a relationship with him was incredible; it was just so hard being away from him.

“Cory, please…” Lea whined with a pout when she realised he was taking his time.

“Patience…” He breathed against her lips, fumbling with the button of her jeans before quickly helping her pull them down.

It didn’t take too long for them to remove the rest of their clothing, tossing it aside carelessly as Lea realised the back of her knees were up against the couch. “Cory, baby, what are you…”

“Lay down.” He said gruffly, using the husky tone to his voice that made Lea weak at the knees.

“But…” She was confused.

“Please?” He asked with a gentle smile, but his eyes were still completely dark with lust.

She looked behind her, and seeing that her TCA was laying there on the couch, she suddenly realised. “Wait… you want to have sex on my Teen Choice Award?!” Lea asked quite loudly, her eyes widening slightly. They were both standing naked in her now dark living room and she didn’t know if she was more disgusted or turned on by his request. “I mean… it’s an award, Cory, I’ll never look at it the same again. I’ll never be able to go to the TCA’s again without thinking about… this.” She blushed heavily.

“That’s the point.” He said, and he watched Lea bite her lip. “But if you don’t want to, that’s okay. It was just an idea.”

She didn’t say anything, only shook her head and wrapped one arm around his neck, pulling him down with her as she began to lie down on the surfboard. “As long as you’re sure we won’t break it…” She said with a small giggle before pressing her lips roughly to his.

Cory groaned in approval – he was so glad he had Lea, the girl who was always willing to try new things in this department. He helped her climb on to the surfboard, and he knew it would be uncomfortable enough already without him lying on top of her. So instead, he put his hands either side of the surfboard, against the couch fabric, and help himself up as he grinned down at her.

“We’re moving to the bedroom next, I hope you know that.” She told him in a serious tone, but her eyes told a different story.

“I know,” he chuckled before beginning to press kisses down her jaw and neck, leading down to her chest.

“And you’re lucky I’m so small and this surfboard actually fits me on it.”

“Shhh,” Cory whispered gently as his lips neared her breast. He could feel her arching up against him, bringing her nipples closer to his mouth.

She was actually incredibly turned on by all of this now, and she knew that Cory always came up with the best ideas in the bedroom. But she always liked to surprise him too. Especially that time she showed up to his apartment after taking a trip to the costume shop…

Lea let out a small cry followed by a gasp once his tongue came into contact with her nipple. “Cory, please… You can do this l-later, just please… It’s been too long.”

She always did this. Promised him that the first time was strictly sex, and the second (and possibly third and fourth) times could be used for foreplay and everything else that “made Lea squirm”, as Cory liked to say.

“It’s been less than a week.” He told her with a smirk. “But okay, if that’s what you want.” He gave her a small shrug before moving his lips back to hers. He was definitely okay with giving her what she wanted and leaving all that other stuff for later.

“Shut up,” she mumbled against his lips – it wasn’t her fault they were sexually active and she missed him more than she should when he was gone. “And if you’re going to continue to be cocky then we’re just going to st- oh, Cory,” she let out a loud moan when he felt him enter her without warning. Her eyes closed and her back arched against the surfboard and up against his body.

“What was that about stopping?” Cory breathed after his own loud groan. The pleasured expressions on his face turned Lea on even more.

“D-Don’t worry.” She wrapped her legs around him in order to keep him buried as far inside her as she possibly could.

It wasn’t long before the sounds of their lovemaking were the only things filling the room and they were both sweating in the hot room and panting heavily. Their bodies were pressed together and their kisses were sloppy and everything was messy and Lea was just so in love with this man that she couldn’t imagine it being any other way with anyone else. The fact that she was having sex with her boyfriend on her Teen Choice Award was completely forgotten as she felt Cory’s lips on her body and his hips thrusting against hers eagerly. Her hands slid through his hair and held on to it tightly as she began letting out louder cries and gasps at his particularly deep thrusts. They always seemed to get the perfect rhythm between them in no time at all and it was pure bliss for Lea.

When Cory buried his face in her shoulder and Lea felt the sweat from his forehead on her neck, she knew they were both close to coming undone. Her mouth opened slightly, she arched into him more and her nails ran down the back of his neck and back as she felt the familiar tightening in her lower stomach. “God, just… Cory, you feel- oh...” She panted breathlessly, letting her eyes closed and letting herself get lost in the feel of him.

Cory was speechless as he watched her completely come undone beneath him. Every single time, his heart swelled and he was filled with this familiar awe of just how beautiful and amazing she really was. She was his and it was something he could never get over. These were the certain things that he couldn’t get into words sometimes, and he hoped his actions made up for it.

He came shortly after her, groaning at the sound of her loud screaming of his name. He loved nothing more than the way she said his name. He was always reminded, especially in moments like this, how much he really loved her and how he couldn’t think of ever being with anybody else.

“I can’t believe you left me and this.

Cory was pulled out of his thoughts by her breathless voice and he turned to look at the beautiful woman laying beneath him. He knew she was just teasing but he never really wanted to leave her, and she knew it. Even if it was a part of his job. “If I promise to make it up to you like this every time then will you be okay with it?” He asked with a smirk, finding her hand and bringing it up to his lips to kiss the back of it gently.

Just the simple gesture made Lea smile brightly and nod; giving him a quick kiss before sliding out from underneath him and standing up off the couch. “Of course. It was a lot more appealing than it sounded.” She blushed, holding her hand out to him to help him off the board. “I’m just glad we didn’t break it. It might need a clean though.” Her blush only grew darker as she spoke. His mission was definitely accomplished, she would never be able to look at the award the same again.

Cory thought it was beyond adorable; the fact that one little comment made her blush.

He seemed to be lost in his thoughts again before she spoke up again. “What are you waiting for, Monteith?” Lea asked him, watching him with raised eyebrows as he sat up. “I thought you were the one that wanted round two?” Her voice was low and seductive, and it was in exactly the right tone that she knew made Cory’s heart beat faster. Lea let go of his hand and began walking towards the bedroom, purposely wiggling her bare ass as she went.

The next thing that could be heard was Lea’s squeals of delight as Cory came up behind her and swept her feet off the floor, holding her body tightly in his arms before hurrying with her to the bedroom, shutting the door behind him with his foot.